China ceramics factory

Zibo Boshan Zhongsheng ceramics factory locate atshantou town of Boshan District, Zibo city, Shandong Province where is the famous porcelain hometown of ceramics and glass - ceramic enterprises. it is theprofessional ceramic manufacturer.

Zhongsheng ceramics business purpose: high quality, good reputation, excellent service, heavy responsibility".

Main products: all kinds of Chinese and Western tableware, guesthouse porcelain, various sets, cups and so on. Divided into bone porcelain, magnesia strengthen porcelain, stoneware three categories. Bone porcelain has been known as perfect porcelain products with its thin paper, transparent like mirror, sound like chime, elegant, gorgeous and elegant characteristics. Magnesia reinforced porcelain has the characteristics of high strength, high whiteness, high thermal stability and lead free cadmium output. It has unique corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, green environmental protection and easy washing. It has become an ideal porcelain for Chinese and Western restaurants, hotels and families. Stoneware porcelain dense and hard products of high regularity, is more suitable for various kinds of color glaze products. It can reach dishwashers, disinfection machine, cooking, baking and other requirements in the international market. It has been more and more widely adopted.

Our factory is also a manufacturer of porcelain for gifts. It has successfully made advertising products for many famous enterprises at home and abroad, and can produce ceramic products and make ceramic flower faces according to customer requirements. The company has strong technical force, advanced technology equipment, excellent product quality, abundant products, good customer service, flexible operation mode. It can meet the needs of different customers, products sold throughout the country and many countries and regions, welcomed by domestic and external users.

Zhongsheng ceramics, create a healthy new life.